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    “My 21-year old cousin was on an exchange program in Ghana when he contacted malaria. He was placed in a hospital in Ghana. While hospitalized he picked up a form of pneumonia that together with the malaria rendered him unconscious. He was airlifted to a San Francisco hospital and immediately placed in intensive care. He remained in intensive care for weeks on end and despite the absolute best medical care available there was no improvement in his condition and/or unconscious state. The family was advised the infections were resistant to the drugs being used. There was no other medical treatment available and his survival was at risk. At this point Robert Ginsburg was contacted and began an intense series of treatments. After some days he began showing improvement. The physicians stated, ‘We cannot explain it but the improvement is clear.’ It is now six months later and he has returned to 100% health. The family believes Robert’s work saved my cousin’s life.”

    David Prinz, Owner, Amoeba Records

    I am so deeply and eternally grateful and indebted to the healing practice of Robert Ginsburg and the work of Nicolai Levashov.

    In the most fantastic and awe-inspiring way, I now have my life back, and am deeply enriched as a result of what I have learnt & how I have grown in this time. My friends and family still can’t believe it.

    It may be difficult for some to fathom that something as seemingly subtle, gentle and non-assuming as ‘distance healing’ - could cure serious disease in such an impressive way. Where the most advanced modern technology and ‘medicine’ feebly fail, this work steps up to show a new way, applying a new empowered understanding of how to address many of our core human predicaments.

    In 20+ years of exhaustive & desperate exploration of both western and alternative/ ‘natural’ medicine, I have never encountered anything as remarkable and effective as Robert Ginsburg’s healing practice.

    This work is quite obviously a breakthrough- new paradigm in healing.

    I have been completely alleviated of life-long ‘allegedly incurable’ disease. Not to mention extra bonus amazing benefits, unexpected but very deeply welcomed.

    In my first brief treatment with Robert, he precisely diagnosed me of my condition, and began effectively resolving me of a life of excruciating suffering. All without any fancy props or intrusive diagnostic process.

    His understanding of why I have been so unwell, and how to resolve it, is un-paralleled anywhere else in the modern medicine arena. (I know because I have looked everywhere for answers plenty before now)

    Robert’s kind, warm, careful and powerful approach to my healing intervention, has been quite easily the most miraculous and empowering experience of my life. It has simply worked as claimed, then some.

    Considering what he is achieving with me I have found his style and attitude to be sincere, no fuss, humble and on point. (Quite a refreshing change from my previous experiences navigating allopathic medicine + various hit and miss juju / wuwu practitioners.)

    I deeply encourage anyone who Robert is able to help, to stick with it and go the distance.

    There have been times where I began to really struggle with my condition, at these times Robert was immediately on-call to get me back on track. He has done so reliably and without fault at any time when I have needed extra help.

    Every treatment has brought me to a new, albeit gradual, and then at times biblical - progress back to health and empowerment.

    Experiencing this change has been an awakening not only for me, but also those around me who receive the benefit of the experience second hand. .

    Reading the work of Nicolai Levashov, as a bright eyed recipient of this healing work - has given me a far greater grasp on our human realities, then any other moment of my life . This is a real deal Holy Grail, at a time where such empowerment is so dearly needed.

    If Robert says he can help you, please believe him and give it a sincere go. I strongly doubt anyone who lets this work flow will be disappointed or with complaint of any kind.

    Blessings be, to all whom may be alleviated of their suffering through this work, and all whom can find heart to support them in this journey.

    Eli Elphick, NNSW Australia, 2019

    “It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial in relation to the healing that I have received from Robert Ginsburg for Meniere’s Disease. The healing I received from Robert has truly changed my life and I think when you read the following you will understand why. About a year after I had my first baby, I began to suffer with bouts of dizziness and walking with a sensation that I was on the moon. This was a time in my life when I wanted nothing more than to enjoy my new baby and feel strong as a new mother. I decided to seek alternative solutions.

    “The first was acupuncture. I did 2 to 3 sessions a week for months. I would go through a good spell, think it was gone, only to wake up one morning and be unable to lift my head from my pillow with severe dizziness. I recall a trip abroad to a friend’s wedding where I was suffering with the vertigo and appeared as if I was drunk. By now I was becoming distressed about my condition. I also had a continuous piercing sound in my right ear. I went to see a homeopath, travelled a long distance every month for over a year in the hope it would help, but again it did not. With the birth of my second child I was struggling to deal with the medics’ opinions—that nothing could be done. There was no cure.

    “Next, I looked at food. My diet. Could that be it? I saw a doctor in Dublin, changed my diet to gluten, dairy and sugar free and took numerous vitamins and tonics. I did feel better from an energy point of view, but the symptoms were not gone. What was I going to do? The vertigo was always particularly bad after a long car journey. I recall visiting my parents and going to change my baby, as he was on the changing table and I put my head down I fell back with the dizziness, another trip spent in bed. Could it be something in my neck? I travelled to a consultant in Dublin who manipulated my back and worked on my jaw. (This was done by pressing hard on points inside my mouth) I had by now almost exhausted every avenue.

    “Finally, I went to see an ear, nose and throat specialist in Belfast. After examination and an ear test, he told me I had Meniere’s disease, for which there was no cure. I had one question on my mind: How was I going to live the rest of my life with this illness? During the journey back to my home I had this persisting thought in my head. I thought, ‘Someone out there must be able to cure this?’ Someone out there must be able to help me. As soon as I arrived in the house I logged on to our internet. I typed in, Meniere’s disease cure. I had looked this up many times before, but this time something new came up—The New Knowledge website. I eagerly read the testimonials and, for the first time since the beginning of my symptoms, felt hope. Could this be the answer to my question? Could this be my cure?

    “The following morning, I phoned Robert Ginsburg and made an appointment. When Robert scanned my body, he said he could help. From the very first treatment, the dizziness stopped. I felt grounded, my feet were firmly back on the ground again. After all my traveling to see the various specialists, for this treatment I could simply call Robert from the comfort of my own home. It was surreal.
 I don’t have bouts of dizziness, vertigo or nauseous. The continuous squealing noise in my right ear, the feeling of fullness, and the feeling that there was water dripping in it… are gone. Overall, I am back to myself and a very happy person.

    “Robert Ginsburg gave me my life back, when I was told there was no cure. He is an amazing person. The best thing I ever did was to phone him that morning. His method of healing is futuristic, groundbreaking and almost beyond belief, and I am living proof that… IT WORKS!

    “During the course of my treatment Robert has also treated my husband, my mum, dad and my brother. Each deserving of their own individual testimonial. All have also experienced outstanding results. I truly hope that this testimonial will help anyone who is suffering like I did. If I could tell the entire world about Robert I would. He is the person out there who can help, and I am forever thankful. Best wishes to all.”

    Suzanne Hunt, Northern Ireland

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Thought Has the Power to Heal…

  1. The ability to scan the body to find the cause of an issue
  2. The power to remove the primary energetic cause of the issue
  3. Thereby enabling the body to heal itself

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