Help for Ulcerative Colitis, Other Digestive Issues

For over 20 years, Robert Ginsburg has helped people all over the world with Ulcerative Colitis and other digestive issues. He can locate, treat and cure the cause of Ulcerative Colitis and specialises in helping people with this condition and other digestive issues. (See Ulcerative Colitis Case Studies below.)

Many clients come to Robert with digestive issues. These can range from abdominal pain and diarrhea, to irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis, to name a few. Ulcerative colitis, inflammation and ulcers of the colon, is a common condition Robert treats with his approach, called The New Knowledge, and with great success.

Often, symptoms come on slowly and can range from mild to severe. Typically, there are no symptoms between flare ups. Traditional theories for the cause of ulcerative colitis are immune system dysfunction, genetics, environmental factors, and gut bacteria. But often, as Robert has discovered with clients, the cause can be something completely different, something western practice overlooks, but through scanning, and The New Knowledge method, he finds and treats with energy from powerful intentional thought.

“After my sessions I dramatically changed. I slept through the night and no longer have any urgency. I can go out anywhere with confidence. I have joined a gym because I have so much more energy. I am happier than I have been in such a long time.”

Amanda Riley
Health Care Worker London, England

How It Works

Quantum physics tells us subtle energy is the basic building block of all cells in the human body. Robert, and his method, The New Knowledge, work in the realm of subtle energy.

The first step in the healing process is the use of the mind to scan and locate disturbances in the body’s subtle energy. Once located, the disturbance is eliminated using the power of the mind, via thought, to transmit a precise, customized program. This program initiates a natural self-healing process. Secondarily, or as a side effect to the removal of the disturbance, the problem may disappear on a physical level. Robert’s many years of training has enhanced his consciousness and the power of his thoughts so as to enable him to see and then remove these energetic disturbances.

In addition, science tells us the body is a unified system on the level of subtle energy. As a result, any one part of the body can affect any other part. For example, energetic disturbances in the pelvis or neck can affect all parts of the digestive system. The body and subtle energy connect like a network and therefore the removal of subtle energetic disturbances in various parts of the body can affect other targeted areas of the body.

All work Robert performs with this method is done off the body with no physical contact. In addition, no products of any nature are used or recommended. The work is equally effective in-person or at a distance, as thoughts can be sent anywhere.

What Robert Says About Digestive Issues

"When someone contacts me with any type of digestive problem my training allows me to scan the body and locate any energetic disturbance relevant to the digestive issue," Robert says.

"It is to be noted that the body is a unified system and any one part can affect any other part on a subtle energy level. Energetic disturbances in the neck, back, pelvis or stress can affect digestion on a subtle energy level. As a side effect, or secondarily to the removal of the located subtle energetic disturbance, the problem with digestion on a physical level may disappear. It is like a network."

Videos of Robert's Work

  • How it Works?

  • Distance healing demo

  • How the work differs?

Thought Has the Power to Heal…

  1. The ability to scan the body to find the cause of an issue
  2. The power to remove the primary energetic cause of the issue
  3. Thereby enabling the body to heal itself

For more information…
  • written by Barbara G. Koopman, M.D., Ph.D.: Psychic Healing and The Anisotropic Universe
  • with Robert Ginsburg

Digestive Issues/ Ulcerative Colitis Cases

“I am a twenty-six-year-old male living in Australia at the moment and have had Ulcerative Colitis for four years. In that time, I have lost several stone and been hospitalized twice. My mum came across Robert’s website and we decided to give him a go. It was the best thing ever. I was going to the loo 10-15 times a day and up every night at least once, had no energy and no life, but after working with Robert, I go to the toilet like a normal person and slept through the night. I have energy and feel back to my old self. I can’t thank Robert enough for giving me back my life, and I know that if required he is only a phone call away, I would recommend anyone to give him a try.”

Elliot Taylor, Australia

“My son was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis around four years ago. He was extremely sick and had lost a lot of weight with loss of appetite and low energy levels. He had approximately eight stools a day, which were loose and with blood. It was then just over a year ago, almost like a God-send, I came across Robert. After reading about him more, I decided that we will give it a try. After only one treatment, we saw a dramatic change in my son. Robert kept treating him over a period of time and he has got better and better. He has now grown tall, put on weight and is extremely confident of himself. He does exceptionally well at school. His stools are normal and he does not have any of the issues that he previously had. Even if there is a minor issue, we know that Robert will put him right straightaway. As we live in New Zealand all the appointments were done over the phone. I was very impressed with Robert’s method of work and his kindness. Thank you, Robert, for giving my son his life back. I would recommend Robert to anyone that needs real life long healing, as I believe that this is the treatment of the future.”

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“I suffered for nineteen years with a severe gastrointestinal disorder. When an attack came, I would vomit for two days and be in bed helpless for a week. I could not eat anything, and the pain was excruciating. I tried traditional medicine and at least twenty different alternative methods to get help. None were successful and my life had become a nightmare. I called Robert Ginsburg. He located the cause of the problem and after a series of telephone treatments eliminated the disorder. I am truly amazed. As a naturopathic physician I strongly recommend Robert Ginsburg for help with Intestinal problems or whenever you are facing a health problem. He is an honest, fine man and a powerful healer using an extraordinary healing technique.”

Paris Constantinou, N.D. Nicosia, Cyprus

“I have been suffering from Intestinal Problems such as ulcerative colitis for the past eighteen years. Every four or five years this chronic disease flares up into a major crisis that lasts six to eight months. I had an attack that began two months ago and the usual treatment was prescribed. I decided to try telephone work with Robert Ginsburg. After his treatments my energies returned and all my symptoms disappeared. I had a follow-up examination with my gastroenterologist and he verified there was no trace left of the disease. My doctor even thought the scar tissue had disappeared. I am profoundly grateful to Robert Ginsburg for returning me to full health something I had not seen in eighteen years of suffering.”

Jean-Marc Pierros, Government Official, France

“When I came to first see Robert Ginsburg, I had been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis for five years. I had been steadily declining in health and was hospitalised twice in two months and put on IV steroids. I had to go to the loo at least three times in the night, sometimes up to six times. During the day I had very little control and felt I couldn’t be too far from a loo. In order to go out anywhere I had to wear nappies as I had had too many occasions where I hadn’t made it to the loo in time in public. It had got to the stage where I just felt drained of energy the whole time and embarrassed and ashamed of this horrible condition. I decided to work with Robert Ginsburg. After my sessions I dramatically changed. I slept through the night and no longer have any urgency. I can go out anywhere with confidence. I have joined a gym because I have so much more energy. I am happier than I have been in such a long time. I have also managed to find more work too! I can’t thank Robert enough for all his work to help return me back to the person I used to be.”

Amanda Riley,Health Care Worker London, England

“Our daughter Zosia Krajewski, at the age of sixteen was taken by ambulance to the hospital with severe pain, nausea and weakness. The diagnosis was ulcerative colitis. Fortunately, we met Robert Ginsburg and he was not only able to locate and heal the cause of her ulcerative colitis, but his work returned Zosia to her previous energetic and joyous self. Thank you, Robert, for returning our daughter to us.”

Andrew & Helen Krajewski,Oxford UK

“I first went to see Robert Ginsburg because of an intestinal ailment that I had acquired on a trip to Bali. I had daily diarrhea, bloating of the belly, fatigue, and general malaise. My first session with Robert demonstrated to me that his extraordinary healing work was the way for me to go. After five visits I was completely free of my ‘Bali belly.’ But a few months later, my ‘Bali belly” hadn’t returned, but I was experiencing what I felt to be a drain on my overall energy system. I was having trouble concentrating for any length of time on my work. I went to see Robert with these concerns, and to my delight he was able, over a period of two months, to help me gather my own inner resources and energy ~ my power — and free me from the forces that had been restricting my life energy. I now feel much stronger and have a greater sense of who I am and my own life purpose.”

Robert Elliott, Writer/Speaker

“My six-year old daughter has had stomach and bowel problems since she was two years old. I have had blood tests, tried acupuncture, homeopathic, and other things, and none were effective. I brought her to Mr. Ginsburg and he immediately detected the cause of her problems. After a group of treatments, she began to show steady improvement. She now has only rare incidents of discomfort. I am very impressed with his accuracy, method and effectiveness.”

Sybil Carrillo, Health Care Professional