Other Health Issues

Migraines. Vision. Fatigue. Urinary. Infections. Obstructions. Inflammation. Sleep. Exhaustion. Joint/Bone Pain. Panic Attacks. And More.

Robert, using The New Knowledge method, treats a wide variety of health issues, from neck and back pain to ulcerative colitis, from sudden hearing loss to Meniere’s disease, and from heart issues to stress. But many health issues do not fit neatly into categories.

Robert uses his years of training in Energy Medicine and with The New Knowledgeapproach to “not think in binary” terms, but rather he looks at the body and mind holistically to make his diagnoses and to create customized energy treatments.

If you cannot find your particular health issue on this website, or below, you may want to reach out to Robert directly for a consultation. He may be able to spot the issue immediately, provide an alternative approach, and help naturally.

“When I first came to Robert I was physically and emotionally depleted. Last week was my sixtieth birthday and I can honestly say I have never felt better. I am happy, sleep well and feel rested.”

Robert Traynor,

How It Works

Quantum physics tells us subtle energy is the basic building block of all cells in the human body. Robert, and his method, The New Knowledge, works in the realm of subtle energy.

The first step in the healing process is the use of the mind to scan and locate disturbances in the body’s subtle energy. Once located, the disturbance is eliminated using the power of the mind, via thought, to transmit a precise,customized program. This program initiates a natural self-healing process. Secondarily, or as a side effect to the removal of the disturbance, the problem may disappear on a physical level. Robert’s many years of training has enhanced his consciousness and the power of his thoughts so as to enable him to see and then remove these energetic disturbances.

In addition, science tells us the body is a unified system on the level of subtle energy.As a result, any one part of the body can affect any other part. The body and subtle energy connect like a network and therefore the removal of subtle energetic disturbances in various parts of the body can affect other targeted areas of the body.

All work Robert performs with this method is done off the body with no physical contact. In addition, no products of any nature are used or recommended. The work is equally effective in-person or at a distance, as thoughts can be sent anywhere.

What Robert Says About Health Issues

When someone contacts me with any type of health problem my training allows me to scan the body and locate any energetic disturbance relevant to the health issue,” Robert says of the many health issues clients bring to him. “The body is a unified system and any one part can affect any other part on a subtle energy level.

“Energetic disturbances in the neck, brain, pelvis, stress, and other locations, can affect health on a subtle energy level. As a side effect, or secondarily to the removal of the located subtle energetic disturbance, the problem on a physical level may disappear. It is like a network.

Videos of Robert's Work

  • How it Works?

  • Distance healing demo

  • How the work differs?

Thought Has the Power to Heal…

  1. The ability to scan the body to find the cause of an issue
  2. The power to remove the primary energetic cause of the issue
  3. Thereby enabling the body to heal itself

For more information…
  • written by Barbara G. Koopman, M.D., Ph.D.: Psychic Healing and The Anisotropic Universe
  • with Robert Ginsburg


I am so deeply and eternally grateful and indebted to the healing practice of Robert Ginsburg and the work of Nicolai Levashov.

In the most fantastic and awe-inspiring way, I now have my life back, and am deeply enriched as a result of what I have learnt & how I have grown in this time. My friends and family still can’t believe it.

It may be difficult for some to fathom that something as seemingly subtle, gentle and non-assuming as ‘distance healing’ - could cure serious disease in such an impressive way. Where the most advanced modern technology and ‘medicine’ feebly fail, this work steps up to show a new way, applying a new empowered understanding of how to address many of our core human predicaments.

In 20+ years of exhaustive & desperate exploration of both western and alternative/ ‘natural’ medicine, I have never encountered anything as remarkable and effective as Robert Ginsburg’s healing practice.

This work is quite obviously a breakthrough- new paradigm in healing.

I have been completely alleviated of life-long ‘allegedly incurable’ disease. Not to mention extra bonus amazing benefits, unexpected but very deeply welcomed. In my first brief treatment with Robert, he precisely diagnosed me of my condition, and began effectively resolving me of a life of excruciating suffering. All without any fancy props or intrusive diagnostic process.

His understanding of why I have been so unwell, and how to resolve it, is un-paralleled anywhere else in the modern medicine arena. (I know because I have looked everywhere for answers plenty before now)

Robert’s kind, warm, careful and powerful approach to my healing intervention, has been quite easily the most miraculous and empowering experience of my life. It has simply worked as claimed, then some.

Considering what he is achieving with me I have found his style and attitude to be sincere, no fuss, humble and on point. (Quite a refreshing change from my previous experiences navigating allopathic medicine + various hit and miss juju / wuwu practitioners.)

I deeply encourage anyone who Robert is able to help, to stick with it and go the distance. There have been times where I began to really struggle with my condition, at these times Robert was immediately on-call to get me back on track. He has done so reliably and without fault at any time when I have needed extra help.

Every treatment has brought me to a new, albeit gradual, and then at times biblical - progress back to health and empowerment.

Experiencing this change has been an awakening not only for me, but also those around me who receive the benefit of the experience second hand.

Reading the work of Nicolai Levashov, as a bright eyed recipient of this healing work - has given me a far greater grasp on our human realities, then any other moment of my life . This is a real deal Holy Grail, at a time where such empowerment is so dearly needed.

If Robert says he can help you, please believe him and give it a sincere go. I strongly doubt anyone who lets this work flow will be disappointed or with complaint of any kind.

Blessings be, to all whom may be alleviated of their suffering through this work, and all whom can find heart to support them in this journey.

Eli Elphick,
NNSW Australia, 2019

“We found out about Robert Ginsburg from the internet. We searched about him and found out he was a student of the most unique Russian scientist Nikolai Levashov. At this point we have already read all of Nikolai’s books and we knew exactly what kind of development and transformation Robert had been through to be able to start treating people. We were lucky enough to meet him and found out for ourselves what an amazing person he is. We phoned Robert and asked him lots of questions and got answers for all of them. Since our first treatment sessions we started to feel an amazing transformation. Our treatment has been going on for a year and a half now and during this time we have noticed substantial changes in our condition and life in general. We are extremely grateful to Robert for everything that he does to help people. He is wonderful and unique person with incredible qualities!

Family P.,
Russia, 2019

“When I first came to Robert Ginsburg I was experiencing extreme pressure in my left temple and blurry vision. Medical doctors could find nothing wrong even after an MRI. However, it felt serious and potentially life threatening to me. The first time Robert worked on me I felt immediate relief. The fluids that had been building up started draining out the back of my sinuses relieving the pressure and blurry vision as well as relaxing my entire system. I have not had a return of these symptoms after Robert completed his course of healing. I highly recommend Robert to anyone with seemingly unsolvable physical problems. The healing that takes place through his method is truly extraordinary.”

Alec Trueblood,

“I came to Robert for help as I had been diagnosed with M.E, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Although I was still able to work, my symptoms were becoming worse and I was constantly exhausted. I spent most of my time sleeping whilst not at work, my life was becoming smaller and smaller. After my sessions with Robert my energy levels have increased dramatically and I am now able to lead a more normal live. I had forgotten what it feels like to have energy and I am delighted.”

West Oxfordshire

“I was suffering with terrible abdominal pain and fever. My doctor told me I had a urinary tract infection. After a few minutes on the phone with Robert Ginsburg my pain began to subside. He told me to lay down for a while. A half hour later I had no pain and the fever was gone. The next morning when I went to the lab for more tests I was told the infection was gone.”

Joanne Cotto,

“I had many issues with my inner ear that had created bouts of vertigo, migraines, pressurein my ear, nausea and sleepless nights. This created so much tightness in my neck and shoulders that at times I was unable to turn my head. After my first session with Robert I slept through the night and continue to do so. During my second session I could actually feel the tightness in my neck and shoulders leave. As we continued each session the nausea is completely gone and the pressure in my ear has greatly decreased.”

Tania Daugherty

“My 21-year old cousin was on an exchange program in Ghana when he contacted malaria. He was placed in a hospital in Ghana. While hospitalized he picked up a form of pneumonia that together with the malaria rendered him unconscious. He was airlifted to a San Francisco hospital and immediately placed in intensive care. He remained in intensive care for weeks on end and despite the absolute best medical care available there was no improvement in his condition and/or unconscious state. The family was advised the infections were resistant to the drugs being used. There was no other medical treatment available and his survival was at risk.At this point Robert Ginsburg was contacted and began an intense series of treatments. After some days he began showing improvement. The physicians stated, ‘We can not explain it but the improvement is clear.’ It is now six months later and he has returned to 100% health. The family believes Robert’s work saved my cousin’s life.”

David Prinz, Owner,
Amoeba Records

“I had to eliminate a little bit of urine every hour for twenty four hours a day. I could hardly sleep and life was difficult. My doctor diagnosed a bladder obstruction caused by an infection. After treatment with Robert Ginsburg all my symptoms permanently disappeared and my urine even changed color. I had a subsequent visit with a surgeon and an endoscopy revealed the obstruction was gone.”

John Franklin,

After hearing about Roberts amazing reputation, we decided to get Robert to treat our 9 year old son how had developed “Tics”. These included vocal and physical involuntary movement and were becoming very concerning.

After three session (over the phone) the “Tics” had completely disappeared and we were amazed.

Occasionally they come back in minor forms and Robert sorts it very quickly. We now do a regular weekly session as a preventative measure

We are extremely amazed at how Robert does this, especially as each session lasts only a few minutes!

We would whole heartedly recommend Roberts services without any hesitation.

Chris & Anna,

“I have been working with Robert Ginsburg for about nine months now and have been so pleased with the results I have experienced, I am writing this to show thanks and to let others know that he could be of help to them too.I come from a background of having environmental illnesses, and a condition where I tend to have persistent swelling throughout my body. Over the past 15 years or so, I have gone to numerous alternative health practitioners seeking relief. Their treatments did help me in the short term, I was always searching for something to give me lasting results and get me closer and closer to the state of wellness I want and deserve, Robert Ginsburg has been able to accomplish this for me.”

Gary Miller,
Natural Foods

“I have had insomnia problems for twenty years. Nobody could help me. Robert Ginsburg was able to quickly identify the cause of my insomnia and eliminate my sleep problems.”

Joe Tovar,

“I asked Robert Ginsburg to help my son as he was having night terrors. I noticed a difference immediately. My son is no longer afraid to go to sleep and the night terrors are a thing of the past.”

Karen VanBrunt,

“I have been a client of Robert Ginsburg’s for a little over one year. When I first came to Robert I was physically and emotionally depleted. Last week was my sixtieth birthday and I can honestly say I have never felt better. I am happy, sleep well and feel rested. Moreover, I was able to resolve my issues with great strength and clarity. Robert has made a significant contribution to my life. He is extremely professional with impressive scientific knowledge. Highly recommended!”

Robert Traynor,

“I was suffering with severe arthritis pain in my hip. It hurt to walk and just lie in bed. I worked with Robert Ginsburg and his treatment, which was over the telephone and after my treatments all the pain had eased.”

Erin Mugnai,

“I sprained/twisted my knee (second injury to this area within16 months). I was unable to walk without using a crutch. There was significant pain upon any type of flexion. After about ten days of hobbling around and not much improvement I used Robert Ginsburg by phone. I felt a little tingling or twitching, perhaps some unusual warmth, during each of the sessions. By the end of the second session i could walk relatively easily on the leg. After the third there was still tenderness and some difficulty on the stairs, but the improvement was remarkable. I have no prior experience with this type of treatment and would have scoffed at it if anyone asked me. I now frankly acknowledge Robert as possessing a valuable and unique talent.”

David Whiteside,
Mortgage Broker

“Before seeing Robert Ginsburg, I had spent close to twenty years going to a variety of healers, both allopathic and alternative to find a solution to some chronic physical problems I was having. My endocrine system was fairly out of kilter which caused a series of physical complaints.I was initially afraid to call Robert and be disappointed yet again by another unsuccessful attempt at healing myself.

“At my first treatment Robert began directing energy from his hands towards me. I began to feel a sensation of being filled up, rather like a thirsty, wilted flower that was finally getting a long-needed drink of water. I felt I was being revived and somehow retrieved from a cloud of lethargy. My spine began to unfurl and straighten out. Both sides of my body began to shift and go into balance. I felt lighter, fuller, more grounded. The relief was just incredible! My eyes started filling with tears; I felt so grateful that after suffering for so long my body was experiencing well-being once again. Whatever this energy was, it was having a profound effect on me.

“Right then I committed to seeing Robert for as long as I needed to.I initially saw him twice a week for help either in his office or by phone. I continued this for about one year until my symptoms cleared up. No more stomach cramping, chest or joint pains, digestive problems, brain fog, bleeding gums, headaches, poor sleep and extreme fatigue. I continued with less frequent sessions until I could maintain my health and energy levels myself. This has been accomplished. Many thanks!”

Segan Elliot, MFC
California, USA

“I suffer from complicated migraines. The symptoms are quite severe. I have tried everything possible to get relief from my symptoms. I had an appointment to call Robert Ginsburg who was working with my cat. At the time of the call I had a full-blown migraine. Robert agreed to help with his Natural Migraine and Headache Relief. Within five minutes my symptoms left. It is now a week later, and the migraine has not returned.I’m amazed! I would recommend his services to anyone who has, like me, decided there is no hope for a difficult physical condition or problem.”

Cynthia Cree,

“I learned about Robert Ginsburg through an M.D. practicing in my community. I have been treated for migraine headaches using alternative therapies and received mild improvement. I have had chronic migraines over the past 14 years and was willing to give this a try on the recommendation of a doctor I trust.I began meeting with Robert Ginsburg by telephone for Natural Migraine and Headache Relief. I have had approximately eight appointments each one lasting less than 10 minutes. These are painless and generally with minimal conversation.

“The frequency of my headaches has been reduced. Normally, in a two-month period I would expect to experience eighteen headaches. On my calendar I have recorded only three headaches for Oct. and Nov. Truly remarkable.A side benefit I had hoped for was an increase in my energy level. The result has far exceeded my expectations. I had forgotten what being energetic felt like. There also is a better ability to experience and express my feelings and an increased resiliency to respond to some difficult life situations our family is enduring as well as our country as a whole.”

Privacy desired

“I was suffering with terrible abdominal pain and fever. My doctor told me I had a urinary tract infection. After a few minutes on the phone with Robert Ginsburg my pain began to subside. He told me to lay down for a while. A half hour later I had no pain and the fever was gone. The next morning when I went to the lab for more tests, I was told the infection was gone.”

Joanne Cotto,

“I was suffering from panic attacks. I made many trips to the Emergency Department. The diagnosis was tachycardia. I was given medication that didn’t solve the problem. After a number of treatments with Robert Ginsburg my tachycardia symptoms have virtually disappeared. I cannot recommend Robert highly enough. I found him to be calmly reassuring, professional and most effective.”

Susan Rooney,
Lawyer, England