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The Problem:
21-year old Exchange Student Contracts Malaria in Ghana

Malaria patient, an exchange student from United States, placed in Ghana hospital. In hospital, patient contracts pneumonia, rendering him unconscious. Airlifted to San Francisco and placed in intensive care, where he remains in intensive care for weeks with no improvement in unconscious state. Family advised infections were resistant to drugs. His survival at risk.

Robert Ginsburg is contacted and begins an intense series of New Knowledge treatments. to sleep.


In a matter of days, patient begins showing marked improvement. “We cannot explain it, but the improvement is clear,” hospital physicians say. Within 6 months patient has returned to 100% health.

“Robert’s work saved my cousin’s life.” David Prinz,
Owner, Amoeba Records



The Problem:
Hungarian Professor taken to hospital due to severe dizziness.

The Situation:
“My bookcase seemed to be rotating clockwise, and I crawled to the toilet on my hands and knees.”

Patient spends five days in hospital with diagnosis of Meniere’s Syndrome. Released and continued teaching at University of West Hungary. Still, he is feeling confused, exhausted, apathetic. Dizziness returns from time to time. Solution:
Patient contacts Robert Ginsburg for long-distance telephone treatment. Ginsburg locates the cause of the problem, an out of position neck vertebra, as well as muscle and bone.


All Meniere’s Syndrome symptoms and dizziness are eliminated.
“I have returned to normal activity thanks to Robert, he has given me back my life back. I am now ice skating again on one skate!”

Dr. Richard von Fuchs,
Sopron, Hungary

Meniere’s Disease


The Problem:
After birth of first child, patient suffers from bouts of dizziness, seeks alternative solutions.

The Situation:
Patient tries multiple acupuncture sessions per week for months with limited success. “I would go through a good spell, think it was gone, only to wake up one morning and be unable to lift my head from my pillow with severe dizziness.”

Patient contracts vertigo and has continuous “piercing sound” in right ear. Sees homeopath for year with no success. Gives birth to second child, problems worsen. Doctors say, “Nothing can be done. There is no cure.”

Patient looks to changing diet, intake of gluten, dairy, sugar, vitamins and tonics, with no change. Patient sees consultant to manipulate back. Works on jaw, mouth pressure points, with no results. Goes to ear, nose and throat specialist. After ear test, finding is Meniere’s Disease. No cure, doctor says.

Patient goes to internet and searches for Meniere’s Disease. Finds New Knowledge and cases relating to Meniere’s Disease. She calls Robert Ginsburg, who scans for issue and begins treatments.


With first treatment patient’s dizziness stops. “For the first time I felt grounded, my feet were firmly back on the ground again,” patient says.

Patient no longer has bouts of dizziness, vertigo, nauseous, or continuous “squealing noise” in right ear.

“Robert Ginsburg gave me my life back when I was told there was no cure. The healing I received from Robert has truly changed my life.”

Suzanne Hunt,
Northern Ireland

Heart/Atrial Fibrillation


The Problem:
For five years, patient suffers from debilitating atrial fibrillation and palpitations restricting lifestyle.

The Situation:
Patient tries acupuncture and chiropractic care with some success, but lifestyle still diminished.

The Solution:
Patient looks into other alternatives. Finds Robert Ginsburg and New Knowledge. Begins short series of treatments by telephone.


All Atrial Fibrillation symptoms disappear rapidly. Patient’s life resumes back to normal within weeks.

“I am absolutely thrilled and relieved. For the first time in 5 years I am back to normal life, happy, confident and relaxed. I am extremely grateful for the changes Robert has brought about.”

Vera Chorvat,
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Neck & Back


The Problem:
For 10 years, patient suffers from chronic neck and back pain/spasms.

Doctors cannot identify causes of pain. Patient receives chiropractic treatments with little to no results. Condition deteriorates.

Friend recommends Robert Ginsburg and New Knowledge. Within minutes, Ginsburg identifies the problem, the hip. Ginsburg begins treatments aimed at hip disturbance.


Shortly after treatments start, patient’s pain is removed.

“I now experience a heightened sense of joy and well-being that goes beyond just freedom from the pain. The results have lasted, and I am convinced that this is truly a higher form of healing.”

Dennis Harold,
Video Producer

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