How It Works

“The human mind is capable of activating and programming the vast energetic potential of nature to heal our health problems.”

Robert Ginsburg,
Founder, The New Knowledge

Robert Ginsburg has trained for 27 years in order to evolve to the next level of Energy Medicine. What makes him different, and what separates The New Knowledge from other Energy Medicine systems, is that like a medical doctor he has studied how the body, body organs, body chemistry, and the mind work together, holistically. He has also been trained in how the body works differently than what much of western medicine has been taught. He has been trained in how to scan and spot accurately for critical energy disturbances; and then how to treat those energy disturbances, break up their negative patterns, and allow the body to heal.

“While scanning, I block out my brain chatter and follow my training that guides me now.”

Robert Ginsburg,
Founder, The New Knowledge

The New Knowledge Process

How It Works

Quantum physics tells us subtle energy is the basic building block of all cells in the human body. Robert, and his method, The New Knowledge, work in the realm of subtle energy.

The first step in the healing process is the use of the mind to scan and locate disturbances in the body’s subtle energy. Once located, the disturbance is eliminated using the power of the mind, via thought, to transmit a precise, customized program. This program initiates a natural self-healing process. Secondarily, or as a side effect to the removal of the disturbance, the problem may disappear on a physical level. Robert’s many years of training has enhanced his consciousness and the power of his thoughts so as to enable him to see and then remove these energetic disturbances.

In addition, the body is a unified system on the level of subtle energy. As a result, any one part of the body can affect any other part. For example, energetic disturbances in the pelvis, neck or stress can affect the heart’s subtle energy. The body and subtle energy connect like a network and therefore the removal of subtle energetic disturbances in various parts of the body can affect other targeted areas of the body.

All work Robert performs with this method is done off the body with no physical contact. In addition, no products of any nature are used or recommended. The work is equally effective in-person or at a distance, as thoughts can be sent anywhere.

“To heal we must look at the body holistically. We must look at the whole body for best results. Understanding the body in a holistic way, from anatomy, emotions, thoughts and stresses.”

Robert Ginsburg,
Founder, The New KnowledgeThe New Knowledge

Three Phases of The New Knowledge

There are three phases to treatments using The New Knowledge:
The Scan, Customized Treatments, and Evaluation.
Below is how it works in brief.

Phase 1: The Scan

During this phase Robert scans the client for areas of disturbance, or energy imbalance. During the scan, he finds the area where there is an energetic disturbance, and if there is a resistance his hand slows, as if there is a weight on it hand, or it stops. His training guides him to the specific, pinpointed area that needs to be worked on.

Phase 2: The Program – Customized Treatments

Once the exact disturbance has been located, Robert creates a customized program of intentional healing thoughts that begin to address and resolve the disturbance.

Robert’s mind, in effect, creates a “program” to remove the energetic disturbance and the mind activates his brain to accomplish this by sending energy to help the precise area, whether it’s the heart, a tendon, or disc, or inflammation. This energy is directed to the area using a hands-off, no-touch technique, and begins the process of eliminating the disturbance.

“There is almost always an energetic issue,” says Robert of this phase of the process. “It’s the preciseness of my approach that makes this so different, and powerful.”

Phase 3: Results and Re-Evaluation

The client may feel an immediate change, or it may take several, or more, treatments to let the body recover and finish the healing process.

At this point, Robert does a Re-Evaluation, Re-Scan, and then determines if the issue is resolved, or if the process should continue. Each patient and issue are different and require monitoring.

Helping Ulcerative Colitis

“I have been suffering from intestinal problems, such as ulcerative colitis, for the past eighteen years. Every four or five years this chronic disease flares up into a major crisis that lasts six to eight months. I get severe bleeding, mucous, and diarrhea. I had an attack that began two months ago, and the usual treatment was prescribed. I decided to try telephone work with Robert Ginsburg. After his treatments, my energies returned and then all my symptoms disappeared. I am profoundly grateful to Robert Ginsburg for returning me to full health -- something I had not seen in eighteen years of suffering.”

— Jean-Marc Pierros,
government official, France

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Thought Has the Power to Heal…

  1. The ability to scan the body to find the cause of an issue
  2. The power to remove the primary energetic cause of the issue
  3. Thereby enabling the body to heal itself

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