Stress is the body's natural method of reacting to a condition such as a threat, or to a physical or psychological problem. When stress hits, the body’s adrenal gland naturally activates for a fight or flight response. Next, there is further release of chemicals into the body, such as cortisol, to prepare for action, wounds, and muscle fatigue. As a result, stress over a long period time can be a killer.

Stress and mental fatigue have become chronic health issues in today’s high-tech, 24/7 work world. Holiday stress, overwork, family issues, and financial stress seep into the mind and body and wreak havoc.

Health issues relating to stress, fatigue, and overwork are special candidates for The New Knowledge approach and Robert’s work. Many are directly related to energy disturbances.

People suffering from stress issues come to Robert for help with these problems. Below are just a few of the many client stories related to this modern health plague.

“When I first came to Robert I was physically and emotionally depleted. Last week was my sixtieth birthday and I can honestly say I have never felt better.”

Robert Traynor,

How It Works

Quantum physics tells us subtle energy is the basic building block of all cells in the human body. Robert, and his method, The New Knowledge, work in the realm of subtle energy.

The first step in the healing process is the use of the mind to scan and locate disturbances in the body’s subtle energy. Once located, the disturbance is eliminated using the power of the mind, via thought, to transmit a precise, customized program. This program initiates a natural self-healing process. Secondarily, or as a side effect to the removal of the disturbance, the problem may disappear on a physical level. Robert’s many years of training has enhanced his consciousness and the power of his thoughts so as to enable him to see and then remove these energetic disturbances.

In addition, science tells us the body is a unified system on the level of subtle energy. As a result, any one part of the body can affect any other part. For example, energetic disturbances in the pelvis or neck can affect the body’s overall functioning. The body and subtle energy connect like a network and therefore the removal of subtle energetic disturbances in various parts of the body can affect other targeted areas of the body.

All work Robert performs with this method is done off the body with no physical contact. In addition, no products of any nature are used or recommended. The work is equally effective in-person or at a distance, as thoughts can be sent anywhere.

What Robert Says About Stress

When someone contacts me with any type of stress problem my training allows me to scan the body and locate any energetic disturbance relevant to this issue,” Robert says.

It is to be noted that the body is a unified system and any one part can affect any other part on a subtle energy level. Energetic disturbances in the brain, hormonal system or body’s protective system can affect the body many places on a subtle energy level. As a side effect or secondarily to the removal of the located subtle energetic disturbance the problem with stress on a physical level may disappear. It is like a network.”

Videos of Robert's Work

  • How it Works?

  • Distance healing demo

  • How the work differs?

Thought Has the Power to Heal…

  1. The ability to scan the body to find the cause of an issue
  2. The power to remove the primary energetic cause of the issue
  3. Thereby enabling the body to heal itself

For more information…
  • written by Barbara G. Koopman, M.D., Ph.D.: Psychic Healing and The Anisotropic Universe
  • with Robert Ginsburg

Stress Cases

“During the Christmas/New Year holidays I was in a very desperate place. I did not know where to turn. I was extremely depressed. I had no idea what I was looking for when I began to search the web for ‘healing,’ but somehow I was led to Robert Ginsburg’s website. I briefly described my feelings and Robert asked the question, ‘Do you want to work right now?’ That was the beginning of what, for me, has become an almost miraculous transformation in my thinking. I must say that I was initially skeptical. This was an entirely new approach for me. It was over the telephone. I could not see or feel an apparatus. There was no request to believe or perform any ritual. I was only asked to be still. I thought, ‘What am I doing? This won’t work.’ It is now a month later. I am a different woman. What I wanted was a release from what I perceived to be an over-powering depression and paranoia. What I received was so much more. In this brief space of time, people are relating to me differently. My confidence is soaring. New opportunities have come into my life, because I have, or more likely Robert has opened me to view and receive them.”

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“I have been a client of Robert Ginsburg’s for a little over one year. When I first came to Robert I was physically and emotionally depleted. Last week was my sixtieth birthday and I can honestly say I have never felt better. I am happy, sleep well and feel rested. Moreover, I was able to resolve my issues with great strength and clarity. Robert has made a significant contribution to my life. He is extremely professional with impressive scientific knowledge. Highly recommended!”

Robert Traynor, Writer

“Prior to receiving help from Robert Ginsburg my then 3 -year old daughter could best be described as ‘terrorized.’ She was an absolute mess. She experienced great separation attacks and could not function in groups without becoming hysterical. Once Robert began working with her I saw an almost immediate change in her. She was calmer, at ease and not being bothered by stimuli as previously. She is now 5-years old and with Robert’s help is blossoming into the child she was destined to be.”

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“We live in Singapore and this requires us to call long distance, once a week to have our sessions with Mr. Ginsburg. We had our reservations. Alternative healing methods are not easy to comprehend, and to receive it over the phone at a distance? But my health was deteriorating, and my youngest son was having difficulties with a muddy disposition among other problems. I could really feel a difference after a few sessions and my son is much happier. He is now doing well in school. It’s great!”

Liza Teo,Housewife

“I have suffered from chronic fatigue and depression since the past few years. Every day was a struggle for me. After my treatment with Robert I am free of fatigue and depression. I am full of energy and look forward to every new day. I am the mother I have always wanted to be and I am enjoying my children and my life. My treatments have been done over the telephone as I live in New Zealand. Robert is a very kind and wonderful man and I would highly recommend him.”

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“The problem I turned to Robert for help with was why my abilities seemed to disintegrate when it came to math. I was going for a late in life graduate degree and math was required. Robert identified a condition and worked with it. The math grew less intimidating and understandable. I not only got through my core courses, but I find myself hungering for math challenges. It is painful to think how long I carried the burden of a needless mental fog and how much disappointment I might have been spared if Robert had been there earlier in my life.”

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“I asked Robert Ginsburg to help my son who was having night terrors. I noticed a difference immediately. My son is no longer afraid to go to sleep and the night terrors are a thing of the past. My five-year old son recently started kindergarten. He received numerous “time-outs”. I asked Robert to help and after his work the teacher made the following comment: ‘I noticed a remarkable change in his behavior and ability to concentrate.”

Karen VanBrunt,MFCC

“After working with Robert I’ve noticed my ability to concentrate has been greatly enhanced. This newfound ability has led to a significant increase in my productivity and an improving of my levels of concentration. My chronic sinus and allergy condition are now ninety-nine percent improved. A frequent urination/prostate problem was significantly reduced and I was able to take a 12-day European vacation. Robert also helped me to completely recover from kidney surgery. I recommend Robert Ginsburg’s work unconditionally.”

Robert Brown, Real Estate Appraiser