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Neck and Back



“Skeptical is and always has been my middle name-especially in matters outside the norm. Also since I am married to a physician and am pro-medicine I have not tried any form of alternative medicine. However, when my painful sciatica made it difficult to walk I decided to ask Robert Ginsburg if he could help me. After my sessions my sciatica left and I was able to resume normal activity. Robert’s hands-off healing turned me into a believer.

I began to trust Robert so much I asked both my mother and father-in-law to use his services for their serious illnesses. My 78 year old mother-in-law was quite anxious about pending open heart surgery. Robert intervened and she went into the hospital so calm and recovered so quickly the hospital staff was amazed.

My father-in-law was told he needed sinus surgery. Robert worked to help him and surgery was no longer necessary.”

Nancy Cohen Kram, Public Relations


“I suffered from acute onset C6 radiculopathy (trapped nerve in the neck), which caused severe pain and numbness in the left shoulder and arm over a period of three months. Robert Ginsburg treated me twice weekly for six weeks, during which time the pain and numbness subsided, and full use of the arm returned. An MRI scan showed osteophytes (bony spurs) at C6 but which were now producing no symptoms with full neck movements. I was greatly relieved to be spared the prospect of surgery and very appreciative of the help given.”

Privacy desired by this London area physician. Contact Robert Ginsburg if more information re identity is desired.


“Neck and head pain have been a part of my life since I was about 10 or 11 – I recall my first chiropractor visit at age 14. It seems like a lifetime. There have been periods where headaches and neck pain would last for 2 weeks. About 7 years ago I began a very determined path to resolve this health problem as it became more and more crippling. The list of avenues I’ve gone down is too long to completely list but I have worked with healing facilitators of all kinds; done every type of cleanse and detox; every dietary change, I have been vegetarian, vegan, and maintained a 100% raw food diet; I have done so many types of nutritional supplement programs I shutter to think of the dollars spent. I have gone to chiropractors, acupuncturist, ayurvedic healers, channelers and shamans to name only very few. I’ve done body work, Pilates, meditation, yoga and much more. I had my fillings removed and did a year of chelation for heavy metal toxicity. Recently, I came to the conclusion that chronic neck pain and headaches leading to migraines would be something I just have to accept. I fortuitously met Robert Ginsburg and when he explained what he did things clicked, His method just made perfect sense. Robert found the cause of my problem was in my hip not my neck. No wonder nothing had ever worked before. After my sessions I experienced my first period with zero neck or head pain in over 15 years. It feels like a true miracle. It is so amazing to me that I’m still taking it all in. It really is a life altering experience.

My husband also received treatment for a knee injury that was so painful he could not walk around the block. After his Neck and Back Pain Relief sessions we went on a planned outdoor adventure trip and he was able to hike 6 miles a day for a week with no pain whatsoever. Unlike me, he was extremely skeptical but once he experienced the undeniable results, he continually tells me “this is a miracle, isn’t it?” The healing work Robert does makes absolute sense. The miracle is when you find out about him and have the opportunity to experience his work. Do not miss the opportunity.”

Sarah Mandell, Personal chef


“For ten years, I have suffered from a chronic pain and spasms in my neck and back. No doctor identified the cause of my pain, and chiropractic visits had little to no results in helping me to feel better. Needless to say, the condition was not improving. Finally, a dear friend led me to Robert Ginsburg. Within a few short minutes, Mr. Ginsburg identified the problem was not in my neck, but in my hip! Shortly after that Mr. Ginsburg helped my pain to dissolve. Moreover, I experienced a heightened sense of joy and well-being that goes beyond just freedom from the pain. The results have lasted and I am convinced that this is truly a higher form of healing.

Dennis Harold, Video producer

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