The work finds and eliminates energetic causes of disease.

Infections – Immune System



“I came to Robert for help as I had been diagnosed with M.E, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Although I was still able to work my symptons were becoming worse and I was constantly exhausted. I spent most of my time sleeping whilst not at work, my life was becoming smaller and smaller. After my sessions with Robert my energy levels have increased dramatically and I am now able to lead a more normal live. I had forgotten what it feels like to have energy and I am delighted”

Collette from West Oxfordshire


“I was suffering with terrible abdominal pain and fever. My doctor told me I had a urinary tract infection. After a few minutes on the phone with Robert Ginsburg my pain began to subside. He told me to lay down for a while. A half hour later I had no pain and the fever was gone. The next morning when I went to the lab for more tests I was told the infection was gone.”

Joanne Cotto, Paralegal


“My 21 year old cousin was on an exchange program in Ghana when he contacted malaria. He was placed in a hospital in Ghana. While hospitalized he picked up a form of pneumonia that together with the malaria rendered him unconscious. He was airlifted to a San Francisco hospital and immediately placed in intensive care. He remained in intensive care for weeks on end and despite the absolute best medical care available there was no improvement in his condition and/or unconscious state. The family was advised the infections were resistant to the drugs being used. There was no other medical treatment available and his survival was at risk.

At this point Robert Ginsburg was contacted and began an intense series of treatments. After some days he began showing improvement. The physicians stated “we can not explain it but the improvement is clear”. It is now 6 months later and he has returned to 100% health. The family believes Robert’s work saved my cousin’s life.”

David Prinz, Owner, Amoeba Records


“I had to eliminate a little bit of urine every hour for 24 hours a day. I could hardly sleep and life was difficult. My doctor diagnosed a bladder obstruction caused by an infection. After treatment with Robert Ginsburg all my symptoms permanently disappeared and my urine even changed color. I had a subsequent visit with a surgeon and an endoscopy revealed the obstruction was gone.”

John Franklin, London, retired


“I have been working with Robert Ginsburg for about nine months now and have been so pleased with the results I have experienced, I am writing this to show thanks and to let others know that he could be of help to them too.

I come from a background of having environmental illnesses, and a condition where I tend to have persistent swelling throughout my body. Over the past 15 yrs or so, I have gone to numerous alternative health practitioners seeking relief. Their treatments did help me in the short term, I was always searching for something to give me lasting results and get me closer and closer to the state of wellness I want and deserve, Robert Ginsburg has been able to accomplish this for me.”

Gary Miller, Natural Foods

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