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“I suffer from “complicated migraines”. The symptoms are quite severe. I have tried everything possible to get relief from my symptoms. I had an appointment to call Robert Ginsburg who was working with my cat. At the time of the call I had a full-blown migraine. Robert agreed to help with his Natural Migraine and Headache Relief. Within five minutes my symptoms left. It is now a week later and the migraine has not returned.

I’m amazed! I would recommend his services to anyone who has, like me, decided there is no hope for a difficult physical condition or problem.”

Cynthia Cree, Writer


“I learned about Robert Ginsburg through an M.D. practicing in my community. I have been treated for migraine headaches using alternative therapies and received mild improvement. I have had chronic migraines over the past 14 years and was willing to give this a try on the recommendation of a doctor I trust.

I began meeting with Robert Ginsburg by telephone for Natural Migraine and Headache Relief. I have had approximately eight appointments each one lasting less than 10 minutes. These are painless and generally with minimal conversation. The frequency of my headaches has been reduced. Normally In a 2 month period I would expect to experience 16-18 headaches On my calendar I have recorded only 3 headaches for Oct. and Nov. Truly remarkable.

A side benefit I had hoped for was an increase in my energy level. The result has far exceeded my expectations. I had forgotten what being energetic felt like. There also is a better ability to experience and express my feelings and an increased resiliency to respond to some difficult life situations our family is enduring as well as our country as a whole.”

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