The work finds and eliminates energetic causes of disease.

Emotional Issues



“About a month ago, (during the Christmas/New Year holidays) I was in a very desperate place. I did not know where to turn. I was extremely depressed. I had no idea what I was looking for when I began to search the web for “healing,” but somehow I was led to Robert Ginsburg’s site. I briefly described my feelings and Robert asked the question, “Do you want to work right now?” That was the beginning of what, for me, has become an almost miraculous transformation in my thinking.

I must say that I was initially skeptical. This was an entirely new approach for me. It was over the telephone. I could not see or feel an apparatus. There was no request to believe, or perform any ritual. I was only asked to be still. I thought, ‘What am I doing? This won’t work.’

It is now a month later. I am a different woman. What I wanted was a release from what I perceived to be an over-powering depression and paranoia. What I received was so much more. In this brief space of time, people are relating to me differently. My confidence is soaring. New opportunities have come into my life, because I have, or more likely Robert has opened me to view and receive them.”

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“I have been a client of Robert Ginsburg’s for a little over one year. When I first came to Robert I was physically and emotionally depleted. Last week was my 60th birthday and I can honestly say I have never felt better. I am happy, sleep well and feel rested. Moreover I was able to resolve my issues with great strength and clarity.

Robert has made a significant contribution to my life. He is extremely professional with impressive scientific knowledge. Highly recommended!”

Robert Traynor, Writer


“Prior to receiving help from Robert Ginsburg my then 3 year old daughter could best be described as ‘terrorized.’ She was an absolute mess. She experienced great separation attacks and could not function in groups without becoming hysterical. Once Robert began working with her I saw an almost immediate change in her. She was calmer, at ease and not being bothered by stimuli as previously.

She is now 5 years old and with Robert’s help is blossoming into the child she was destined to be.”

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“We live in Singapore and this requires us to call long distance, once a week to have our sessions with Mr. Ginsburg. We had our reservations, After all, alternative healing methods are not easy to comprehend, and to receive it over the phone at a distance?

But my health was deteriorating and my youngest son was having difficulties with a muddy disposition among other problems. I could really feel a difference after a few sessions and my son is much happier. He is now doing well in school. It’s great!”

Liza Teo, Housewife.


“I have suffered from chronic fatigue and depression since the past few years. Every day was a struggle for me. After my treatment with Robert I am free of fatigue and depression. I am full of energy and look forward to every new day. I am the mother I have always wanted to be, and am enjoying my children and my life.

My treatments have been done over the telephone as I live in New Zealand. Robert is a very kind and wonderful man and I would highly recommend him”

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