Many times a problem with the neck is caused by the pelvis being rotated or a problem with digestion is caused by an imbalance in the nervous system. The healer must be open to explore all possible alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is There A Belief System Connected With Your Work?

No. The work is scientifically based and independent of any belief system. It is not necessary to change any of your present beliefs.

What Can I Expect To Feel?

The work is gentle, subtle, non-invasive and 100% safe. Some people feel sensations ranging from relaxation to tingling and heat. Some do not. The results are not dependent on people feeling these sensations.

How Does It Work?

One of the discoveries of Nicolai Levashov is the physical body has several interconnected levels. Work on any one level influences all other levels. Read more in the interview by Dr. Natalie Torbert

Is There Any Physical Contact?

No. The work is “hands off” with no physical contact or touching.

Do You Use Any Products Or Machines?

No. No supplements or apparatuses of any kind are used.

Does Distance Healing Work The Same Way?

Yes. Distance is not an obstacle.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

This can only be accurately answered after the initial consultation. Ten people can have the same ailment with ten different causes for the problem. Therefore each ones length of treatment will vary.

How Long Do Sessions Take?

Telephone sessions last five to ten minutes. In person sessions are somewhat longer.

What Are Your Fees?

Fees are determined at the initial consultation after an assessment is made of severity of condition and duration of work.

Can You Help Everyone?

I determine at the initial consultation whether I can help.

Where Can I Learn More About This Method And Non-Local Healing?

Nicolai Levashov’s website offers articles describing the scientific basis of this work and other information.

“I suffered for 19 years with a severe gastrointestinal disorder . . . and my life had become a nightmare. I called Robert Ginsburg. He located the cause of the problem and after a series of telephone treatments eliminated the disorder. I am truly amazed. As a naturopathic physician I strongly recommend Robert Ginsburg whenever you are facing a health problem. He is a honest, fine man and a powerful healer using an extraordinary healing technique.”

—Paris Constantinou, N.D. Nicosia, Cyprus