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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CAN Be Treated and Cured Naturally

My name is Robert Ginsburg and I have been trained in an extraordinary new healing technique that can cure chronic fatigue syndrome.

Where doctors may not be able to help, the healing method I practice can!


Mind Over Matter: treat and cure the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

My training enables me to locate, treat and cure the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.

My approach has saved lives, avoided dangerous surgery, and healed health problems leading specialists have pronounced hopeless!

Because my healing process is entirely hands-off, I can help you, wherever you are in the world.


Medical Interventions Are Not the ONLY Answer!

If you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have not been able to get satisfactory treatment you need to contact me today – I specialise in helping people with this condition.

Please see my testimonials below and use the form on the right of the page to make contact.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Relieved


“I came to Robert for help as I had been diagnosed with M.E, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Although I was still able to work my symptoms were becoming worse and I was constantly exhausted. I spent most of my time sleeping whilst not at work, my life was becoming smaller and smaller. After my sessions with Robert my energy levels have increased dramatically and I am now able to lead a more normal live. I had forgotten what it feels like to have energy and I am delighted.”

— Collette, Oxford, England


Health Restored and Extreme Fatigue Eliminated

“Before seeing Robert Ginsburg I had spent close to twenty years going to a variety of healers, both allopathic and alternative to find a solution to some chronic physical problems I was having. My endocrine system was fairly out of kilter which caused a series of physical complaints.I was initially afraid to call Robert and be disappointed yet again by another unsuccessful attempt at healing myself. At my first treatment Robert began directing energy from his hands towards me. I began to feel a sensation of being filled up, rather like a thirsty, wilted flower that was finally getting a long needed drink of water. I felt I was being revived and somehow retrieved from a cloud of lethargy. My spine began to unfurl and straighten out. Both sides of my body began to shift and go into balance. I felt lighter, fuller, more grounded. The relief was just incredible! My eyes started filling with tears; I felt so grateful that after suffering for so long my body was experiencing something I knew to be well-being once again. Whatever this energy was, it was having a profound effect on me. Right then I committed to seeing Robert for as long as I needed to.

I initially saw him twice a week either in his office or by phone. I continued this for about one year until my symptoms cleared up. No more stomach cramping, chest or joint pains, digestive problems, brain fog, bleeding gums, headaches, poor sleep and extreme fatigue. I continued with less frequent sessions until I could maintain my health and energy levels myself. This has been accomplished. Many thanks!”

— Segan Elliott, MFC, California


Energy Level Improved

“I learned about Robert Ginsburg through an M.D. practicing in my community. I was suffering from migraines and low energy. Robert helped me over the telephone with both problems. The result has far exceeded my expectations. I had forgotten what being energetic felt like. There also is a better ability to experience and express my feelings and an increased resiliency to respond to some difficult life situations our family is enduring as well as our country as a whole.”

— Privacy desired


Chronic Fatigue, Depression, & Eye Pressure Helped

“I have suffered from chronic fatigue and depression since the past few years. Every day was a struggle for me. After my treatment with Robert I am free of fatigue and depression. I am full of energy and look forward to every new day. I am the mother I have always wanted to be, and am enjoying my children and my life.

A year and a half back I went to my optometrist to get my eyes checked. The pressure in my left eye was on the higher side, so I was sent off to see an eye specialist since there is a history of Glaucoma in my family. I had several eye tests and scans done. My specialist asked me to revisit him in six months, as the pressure in my left eye had gone up and he told me that I had to be monitored closely. I had only two sessions with Robert before my last visit, and not only was the pressure in my left eye lower but also the overall health of my eye was better than it had shown up in my very first visit with the specialist.. He just looked at me and said that the machines are sensitive and they could sometimes give inaccurate results. I had a smile on my face and knew that Robert had come to my rescue again.

My treatments have been done over the telephone as I live in New Zealand. Robert is a very kind and wonderful man and I would highly recommend him”

— Privacy desired

No Longer Feeling Depleted

“When I first came to Robert Ginsburg I was physically and emotionally depleted. Last week was my 60th birthday and I can honestly say I have never felt better. Robert has made a significant contribution to my life. He is extremely professional with impressive scientific knowledge. Highly recommended!”

— Robert Traynor, Writer, Los Angeles



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Testimonials continued…

Happy Life Returns For Irish Woman

“When my daughter first asked me to contact Robert Ginsburg I couldn’t comprehend how he could help. I was in the depths of despair and didn’t believe that there was any hope left. Now as I sit and write this testimonial I am..I am filled with emotion and the most sincere gratitude for what this incredible man did for me and how he changed my life.

After my Mother passed away in 2006 my health took a turn for the worst.

  • I had chronic asthma.
  • I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.
  • I had chronic and continuous chest infections.
  • I had high cholesterol.
  • I was suffering with anxiety.
  • My liver count wasn’t good and I was referred to see a specialist in Dublin.
  • I was on course after course of antibiotics.
  • I used a nebulizer three if not four times a day.
  • I had little if no energy together with grieving for my mother I was feeling depressed.
  • I was on Crestor for Cholesterol, and Diflucan for yeast infections, and Eltroxin for thyroid
  • I was taking a mirage of antibiotic ranging from Augmentin, Bymycin for chest and sinus infections, Avelox for chronic bronchitis, Zithroma antibiotic and Klacid for respiratory infection.

I was at a stage in my life where I should have been enjoying the arrival of my grandchildren, but in reality I was struggling to get through each day and was very worried about myself.

When my daughter suggested I contact Robert I was not long out of hospital having suffered what was first thought to be a heart attack but was a condition called Pericardia’s. As a result of the Pericardia’s I was taking…Colchcine a beta tubulin, Bisoprolol a beta blocker. Ezetrol for Cholesterol and Melfen for pain. Together with Versatis a medicated plaster for chest pain.

I recall sitting on the side of my bed feeling so unwell with tears streaming down my face. Even my bedroom resembled that of a hospital. My daughter begged me to let her talk to Robert and get an appointment. So in the end I said yes, and the first phone call to Robert was made.

That was when things began to change. From the very first treatment and over time I began to have more energy.

  • I felt stronger.
  • I spent more time up and less time in bed.
  • My asthma wasn’t bothering me, and surprisingly for the first time in years I wasn’t getting chest infections.
  • I wasn’t using my nebulizer.
  • I wasn’t feeling in a constant nauseous state and felt more together in myself.
  • Even the concern over my Liver turned around as my bloods were now reading normal.

My own Doctor even said when we met that he couldn’t believe the turnaround in my health and how well I was looking.

As I turn 64 tomorrow I am reflecting on the past years and I’m simply amazed at how far I have come.

  • I am now able to enjoy my grandchildren and my family.
  • I can go walking at ease.
  • I have a normal bedroom free from machines and boxes of medication stacked beside my bed.
  • I have not taken any antibiotics since Robert began working on me and after years of taking antibiotics even that in itself is an incredible fact.
  • I am almost now off all medication and can hardly believe I used to take so much.

But that is how unwell I was. That is how unwell I was before Robert Ginsburg.

Some people dream of winning the lottery but I got the best gift. I got my life back and I owe that to Robert. I didn’t even have to travel to see him, calling him from the comfort of my own home.

Robert Ginsburg is an incredible man and without question contacting him was the best decision I ever made. I can now enjoy my life and I put it all down to him.

Thank you Robert. I am forever grateful.”

— Liz, Ireland

Medical School Professor Saved From Hospitalization Calls Work Medicine of the Future

“Robert Ginsburg’s treatment saved me from hospitalization. I have since learned the scientific basis of Robert’s work and truly believe this form of energy healing will be the medicine of the future.”

— Paul R Honan, M.D., Clinical Professor, Indiana University, School of Medicine.

If you are suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and feel that you have exhausted all your options you need to use the form at the top of the page to contact me today – I can help you the way I have helped many other sufferers who believed that there was no cure.