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Ulcerative Colitis CAN Be Treated and Cured Naturally


My name is Robert Ginsburg and I have been trained in an extraordinary new healing technique that can cure ulcerative colitis. Where doctors may not be able to help, the healing method I practice can!


Mind Over Matter: treat and cure the cause of ulcerative colitis

My training enables me to locate, treat and cure the cause of ulcerative colitis. My approach has saved lives, avoided dangerous surgery, and healed health problems leading specialists have pronounced hopeless! Because my healing process is entirely hands-off, I can help you, wherever you are in the world.


Medical Interventions Are Not the ONLY Answer!


If you suffer from Ulcerative Colitis and have not been able to get satisfactory treatment you need to contact me today. I specialise in helping people with this condition.

Please see my testimonials below and use the form on the right of the page to make contact.


Young Man Saved From Surgery for Ulcerative Colitis


“I am a 26 year old male living in Australia at the moment and have had Ulcerative Colitis for 4 years, in that time I have lost several stone, been hospitalized twice and tried several medications including Infliximab , I had been told my only option was surgery and the sooner the better, while trying to come to terms with that my Mum came across Robert’s website and we decided to give him a go.

It was the best thing ever I was going to the loo 10-15 times a day and up every night at least once, had no energy and no life, but with after working with Robert, I go to the toilet like a normal person and sleep through the night, I have energy and feel back to my old self, I cant thank Robert enough for giving me back my life, and I know that if required he is only a phone call away, I would recommend anyone to give him a try. ”

—Elliot Taylor, Australia



Severe Ulcerative Colitis Helped


“When I came to first see Robert Ginsburg, I had been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis for five years. I had been steadily declining in health and was hospitalised twice in two months and put on IV steroids. From there on in it was a steady trial of drugs and I wasn’t managing to work full time. I had to go to the loo at least 3 times in the night, sometimes up to 6 times. During the day I had very little control and felt I couldn’t be too far from a loo. In order to go out anywhere I had to wear nappies as I had had too many occasions where I hadn’t made it to the loo in time in public. It had got to the stage where I just felt drained of energy the whole time and embarrassed and ashamed of this horrible condition.

I decided to work with Robert Ginsburg. After my sessions I dramatically changed. I slept through the night and no longer have any urgency. I can go out anywhere with confidence. I have joined a gym because I have so much more energy. I am happier than I have been in such a long time. I have also managed to find more work too!

I can’t thank Robert enough for all his work to help return me back to the person I used to be.”

—Amanda Riley, Health Care Worker, London, England



New Zealand Child Cured of Ulcerative Colitis


“My son was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis around 4 years ago. He was extremely sick and had lost a lot of weight with loss of appetite and low energy levels. He had approximately 8 stools a day, which were loose and with blood. We tried everything but the medication kept making his condition worse. It was then just over a year ago almost like a God-sent, I came across Robert. After reading about him more, I decided that we will give it a try. Robert advised me the cause of his problem, unlike the doctors that were trying to treat his symptoms. After only 1 treatment, we saw a dramatic change in my son. Robert kept treating him over a period of time and he has got better and better. He has now grown tall, put on weight and is extremely confident of himself. He does exceptionally well at school. His stools are normal and he does not have any of the issues that he previously had. Even if there is a minor issue, we know that Robert will put him right straightaway. As we live in New Zealand all the appointments were done over the phone. I was very impressed with Robert’s method of work and his kindness. Thank you Robert for giving my son his life back. I would recommend Robert to anyone that needs real life long healing, as I believe that this is the treatment of the future”

—Privacy desired



Cyprus Naturopathic Physician Relieved of 19 year Gastrointestinal Disorder


“I suffered for 19 years with a severe gastrointestinal disorder. When an attack came I would vomit for two days and be in bed helpless for a week. I could not eat anything and the pain was excruciating. I tried traditional medicine and at least 20 different alternative methods to get help. None of the Treatments for Digestive Problems were successful and my life had become a nightmare. I called Robert Ginsburg. He located the cause of the problem and after a series of telephone treatments eliminated the disorder.

I am truly amazed. As a naturopathic physician I strongly recommend Robert Ginsburg for Help for Intestinal Problems or whenever you are facing a health problem. He is a honest, fine man and a powerful healer using an extraordinary healing technique.”

—Paris Constantinou, N.D. Nicosia, Cyprus



Ulcerative Colitis Helped


“I have been suffering from Intestinal Problems such as ulcerative colitis for the past 18 years. Every 4 or 5 years this chronic disease flares up into a major crisis that lasts 6 to 8 months. I get severe bleeding, mucous and diarrhea. My gastroenterologist thinks this is a serious situation as my entire intestinal tract inflames to the point where rupturing is a possible risk. I have been treated by hospitalization with massive doses of cortisone and surgery.

I had an attack that began 2 months ago and the usual treatment was prescribed. I decided to try telephone work with Robert Ginsburg. After his treatments my energies returned and all my symptoms disappeared. I had a follow-up examination with my gastroenterologist and he verified there was no trace left of the disease. My doctor even thought scar tissue had disappeared.

I am profoundly grateful to Robert Ginsburg for returning me to full health something I had not seen in 18 years of suffering”

—Jean-Marc Pierros, Government official, France



Ulcerative Colitis Cured


“Our daughter Zosia Krajewski, at the age of 16 was taken by ambulance to the hospital with severe pain, nausea and weakness. The diagnosis was ulcerative colitis. Fortunately we met Robert Ginsburg and he was not only able to locate and heal the cause of her ulcerative colitis but his work returned Zosia to her previous energetic and joyous self. Thank you Robert for returning our daughter to us.”

—Andrew and Helen Krajewski, Oxford, UK



Happy Life Returns For Irish Woman


“When my daughter first asked me to contact Robert Ginsburg I couldn’t comprehend how he could help. I was in the depths of despair and didn’t believe that there was any hope left. Now as I sit and write this testimonial I am..I am filled with emotion and the most sincere gratitude for what this incredible man did for me and how he changed my life.

After my Mother passed away in 2006 my health took a turn for the worst.

  • I had chronic asthma.
  • I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.
  • I had chronic and continuous chest infections.
  • I had high cholesterol.
  • I was suffering with anxiety.
  • My liver count wasn’t good and I was referred to see a specialist in Dublin.
  • I was on course after course of antibiotics.
  • I used a nebulizer three if not four times a day.
  • I had little if no energy together with grieving for my mother I was feeling depressed.
  • I was on Crestor for Cholesterol, and Diflucan for yeast infections, and Eltroxin for thyroid
  • I was taking a mirage of antibiotic ranging from Augmentin, Bymycin for chest and sinus infections, Avelox for chronic bronchitis, Zithroma antibiotic and Klacid for respiratory infection.

I was at a stage in my life where I should have been enjoying the arrival of my grandchildren, but in reality I was struggling to get through each day and was very worried about myself.

When my daughter suggested I contact Robert I was not long out of hospital having suffered what was first thought to be a heart attack but was a condition called Pericardia’s. As a result of the Pericardia’s I was taking…Colchcine a beta tubulin, Bisoprolol a beta blocker. Ezetrol for Cholesterol and Melfen for pain. Together with Versatis a medicated plaster for chest pain.

I recall sitting on the side of my bed feeling so unwell with tears streaming down my face. Even my bedroom resembled that of a hospital. My daughter begged me to let her talk to Robert and get an appointment. So in the end I said yes, and the first phone call to Robert was made.

That was when things began to change. From the very first treatment and over time I began to have more energy.

  • I felt stronger.
  • I spent more time up and less time in bed.
  • My asthma wasn’t bothering me, and surprisingly for the first time in years I wasn’t getting chest infections.
  • I wasn’t using my nebulizer.
  • I wasn’t feeling in a constant nauseous state and felt more together in myself.
  • Even the concern over my Liver turned around as my bloods were now reading normal.

My own Doctor even said when we met that he couldn’t believe the turnaround in my health and how well I was looking.

As I turn 64 tomorrow I am reflecting on the past years and I’m simply amazed at how far I have come.

  • I am now able to enjoy my grandchildren and my family.
  • I can go walking at ease.
  • I have a normal bedroom free from machines and boxes of medication stacked beside my bed.
  • I have not taken any antibiotics since Robert began working on me and after years of taking antibiotics even that in itself is an incredible fact.
  • I am almost now off all medication and can hardly believe I used to take so much.

But that is how unwell I was. That is how unwell I was before Robert Ginsburg.

Some people dream of winning the lottery but I got the best gift. I got my life back and I owe that to Robert. I didn’t even have to travel to see him, calling him from the comfort of my own home.

Robert Ginsburg is an incredible man and without question contacting him was the best decision I ever made. I can now enjoy my life and I put it all down to him.

Thank you Robert. I am forever grateful.”

—Liz, Ireland



Medical School Professor Saved From Hospitalization Calls Work Medicine of the Future


“Robert Ginsburg’s treatment saved me from hospitalization. I have since learned the scientific basis of Robert’s work and truly believe this form of energy healing will be the medicine of the future.”

—Paul R Honan, M.D., Clinical Professor, Indiana University, School of Medicine.


ResourcesThis website contains substantial information about this method. Explore these links to find out more about;

me, Robert Ginsburg

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natural treatment for Ulcerative Colitis


Ulcerative Colitis – who does it affect and how is it treated?

Ulcerative Colitis can affect anyone, but there are some groups of people who experience the condition more frequently. Read on, and we discuss those who are most commonly affected by the condition and the treatment options available, including energy healing which is sworn to by thousands of people, whose conditions have been eased or completely cured in ways they never expected would even make a difference!

Groups most often affected by Ulcerative Colitis

The condition can be diagnosed in adults of any sex or age, however experts have reported the most common occurrence of the condition in the following groups of people:

  • Infants
  • People between 10-20 years old
  • People between the ages of 50-80
  • People of Jewish heritage
  • Black people

In the UK, it has been estimated that one in 420 people have ulcerative colitis, which equates to around 150,000 people. In the US approximately 1.6 million Americans currently suffer from ulcerative colitis, a growth of about 200,000 since the last time CCFA reported this figure (in 2011).

As many as 70,000 new cases of ulcerative colitis are diagnosed in the United States each year. (

Traditional treatment options: diet, medicine, alternative treatments and surgery

The most common treatment for ulcerative colitis involves changes to the diet and taking medicine.
Dietary changes can be recommended with a view to rebalancing the colon. This can be achieved by following a low-fat diet, which is rich in fruits, vegetables and vitamin C and magnesium. A high fluid intake is also recommended.

Medicines administered for ulcerative colitis include aminosalicylates and corticosteroids. Aminosalicylates are anti-inflammatory, and they are intended to treat less severe symptoms of the condition. They can be given in the form of capsules to be swallowed, or as suppositories to be inserted into the rectum or through an infusion or enema where fluid is pumped into the colon (also known as the bowel or large intestine).

Corticosteroids are more powerful anti-inflammatory drugs that are normally reserved for more acute episodes of the condition. They can be prescribed in addition to, or as an alternative to aminosalicylates. Like aminosalicylates, corticosteroids can be administered orally in the form of a capsule to be swallowed, or in the form of a suppository or enema. Corticosteroids are not used to treat ulcerative colitis on a long-term basis as their side effects can be quite debilitating, for example, they can cause bones to become weak, or they can cause problems with vision.

In cases where the ulcerative colitis has a severe impact on quality of life, it can be treated through surgery to remove the colon, and substitute the operation of the bowel with either an external pouch, or a reconstructed small intestine.

If you are suffering from Ulcerative Colitis and feel that you have exhausted all your options you need to use the form on the right of the page to contact me today – I can help you the way I have helped many other sufferers who believed that there was no cure.