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Meniere’s Disease CAN Be Treated and Cured Naturally

My name is Robert Ginsburg and I have been trained in an extraordinary new healing technique that can cure meniere’s disease.

Where doctors may not be able to help, the healing method I practice can!


Mind Over Matter: treat and cure the cause of meniere’s disease

My training enables me to locate, treat and cure the cause of meniere’s disease.

My approach has saved lives, avoided dangerous surgery, and healed health problems leading specialists have pronounced hopeless!

Because my healing process is entirely hands-off, I can help you, wherever you are in the world.



Medical Interventions Are Not the ONLY Answer!

If you suffer from Meniere’s Disease and have not been able to get satisfactory treatment you need to contact me today. I specialise in helping people with this condition.

Please see my testimonials below and use the form on the right of the page to make contact.
Meniere’s Disease Cured


“I was diagnosed by a specialist with Meniere’s Disease. My symptoms included dizziness, tinnitus, nausea and hearing loss. I was told the cause is unknown, no treatment, no cure. I would have to learn to live with this. I sought Robert Ginsburg’s help. After treatment over the telephone with Robert all my symptoms disappeared. My hearing returned to normal.”

—Jeanne Baughman, Paralegal, Salinas, California



Meniere’s Disease Eliminated


“I was diagnosed with meniere’s disease and told by doctors there was no treatment and no cure. My symptoms included hearing loss, vertigo, sickness and tinnitus. I contacted Robert Ginsburg and after telephone treatment all my symptoms disappeared and my hearing returned to normal. Additionally my general well-being improved remarkably.”

—Renee, Essex, United Kingdom



Meniere’s Disease Healed


“At nearly 64, I remain fully employed. About eight years ago, I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease in my right ear. There were characteristic episodes of vertigo and associated symptoms from time to time. The disease had seriously eroded the hearing in my right ear, to the point where I had largely given it up as lost. In March 2014, the disease struck my left ear. With hearing impaired in that ear, I faced the possibility of an altered life. Trying to listen to music was unbearable, because pieces with which I was all too familiar could hardly be recognized. Upon searching the web for a cure, I discovered Robert Ginsburg. Following several months of transatlantic twice weekly telephone sessions with him the hearing in my left ear has completely restored to normal, and the hearing in my right ear has improved markedly. I’ve had no recent episodes. The music I know couldn’t sound better. The results have been astonishing. I am very grateful for Mr. Ginsburg’s work.”

—Craig Graziano, Des Moines, Iowa, USA, October 2014



Hungarian Professor Healed of Meniere’s Syndrome


“I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance because I was so dizzy my bookcase seemed to be rotating clockwise. I crawled to the toilet on my hands and knees. I spent 5 days in the hospital getting various testing and medications. The diagnosis was meniere’s syndrome. I was given four different types of medication. I continued to teach at the University of West Hungary but felt confused, confused and apathetic. I felt I had aged 20 years overnight. The dizziness returned from time to time. I contacted Robert Ginsburg for telephone treatment. Robert located the cause of my problem and his work eliminated all my symptoms. I have returned to normal activity. Thanks Robert for giving me my life back.”

—Dr. Richard von Fuchs, Sopron, Hungary



London Physician’s Hearing Restored


“I developed total deafness in my right ear. I called Robert after 3 weeks when the medical approach of high doses of corticosteroids and the antiviral drug, Acyclovir, had proved ineffective. I called Robert Ginsburg for help. Immediately after putting the phone down I put my finger in my ear and for the first time was aware of a slight sound. Robert’s prediction my hearing would return to normal after his treatments was born out fully and verified by audiogram.

Robert has been very considerate throughout and I have been most impressed with his expertise. The healing occurred without bodily touch.”

—Alan Sanderson, Physician and consultant psychiatrist, London, UK



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Meniere’s Disease Healed


“It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial in relation to the healing that I have received from Robert Ginsburg for Meniere’s Disease. The healing I received from Robert has truly changed my life and I think when you read the following you will understand why.

About a year after I had my first baby, I began to suffer with bouts of dizziness and walking with a sensation that I was on the moon. I went to see my doctor who advised that it was a touch of vertigo, it would settle down, nothing to worry about. However it didn’t settle down, and I was beginning to worry. This was a time in my life when I wanted nothing more than to enjoy my new baby and feel strong as a new mother. I decided to seek alternative solutions.

The first was acupuncture. I did 2 to 3 sessions a week for months. I would go through a good spell, think it was gone, only to wake up one morning and be unable to lift my head from my pillow with severe dizziness.

I went back to my doctor, who gave me a tablet to place under my tongue if another episode of dizziness presented itself. I recall a trip abroad to a friend’s wedding where I was suffering with the vertigo and appeared as if I was drunk. By now I was becoming distressed about my condition. I also had a continuous piercing sound in my right ear.

I went to see a homeopath, travelled a long distance every month for over a year in the hope it would help, but again it did not. With the birth of my second child I was struggling to deal with the medics’ opinions—that nothing could be done. There was no cure.

Next I looked at food. My diet. Could that be it? I saw a doctor in Dublin, changed my diet to gluten, dairy and sugar free and took numerous vitamins and tonics. I did feel better from an energy point of view but the symptoms were not gone. What was I going to do?

The vertigo was always particularly bad after a long car journey. I recall visiting my parents and going to change my baby, as he was on the changing table and I put my head down I fell back with the dizziness, another trip spent in bed.

Could it be something in my neck? I travelled to a consultant in Dublin who manipulated my back and worked on my jaw. (This was done by pressing hard on points inside my mouth) I had by now almost exhausted every avenue.

Finally I went to see an ear, nose and throat specialist in Belfast. After examination and an ear test, he told me I had Meniere’s Disease, for which there was no cure. I left his office with my husband, my two children, medication for water retention, Betahistine dihydrochloride medication for the illness, and an appointment for a brain MRI scan. I had one question on my mind: How was I going to live the rest of my life with this illness?

During the journey back to my home I had this persisting thought in my head; in fact my husband recalls me sharing it with him. I thought, Someone out there must be able to cure this. Someone out there must be able to help me. As soon as I arrived in the house I logged on to our internet. I typed in, Meniere’s disease cure. (I had looked this up many times before, but this time something new came up—THE NEW KNOWLEDGE website.) I eagerly read the testimonials and, for the first time since the beginning of my symptoms, felt hope. Could this be the answer to my question? Could this be my cure?

The following morning I phoned Robert Ginsburg and made an appointment. When Robert scanned he said he could help me. From the very first treatment the dizziness stopped and I felt grounded, my feet were firmly back on the ground again. After all my traveling to see the various specialists, for this treatment I could simply call Robert from the comfort of my own home. It was surreal.

I am not on any medication. I am not on a special diet. I don’t have bouts of dizziness, vertigo or nauseous. The continuous squealing noise in my right ear, the feeling of fullness, and the feeling that there was water dripping in it… is gone. Also interesting to note is I have not had one antibiotic, since the beginning of my treatment. (I would have taken about 2 courses of antibiotic a year for sinus infections) Overall I am back to myself and a very happy person.

Robert Ginsburg gave me my life back, when I was told there was no cure. He is an amazing person. The best thing I ever did was to phone him that morning. His method of healing is futuristic, groundbreaking and almost beyond belief, and I am living proof that IT WORKS.

During the course of my treatment Robert has also treated my husband, my Mum, Dad and my brother. Each deserving of their own individual testimonial. All have also experienced outstanding results. I truly hope that this testimonial will help anyone who is suffering like I did. If I could tell the entire world about Robert I would. He is the person out there who can help, and I am forever thankful.

Best wishes to all.”

—Suzanne Hunt, Northern Ireland



Medical School Professor Saved From Hospitalization Calls Work Medicine of the Future


“Robert Ginsburg’s treatment saved me from hospitalization. I have since learned the scientific basis of Robert’s work and truly believe this form of energy healing will be the medicine of the future.”

—Paul R Honan, M.D., Clinical Professor, Indiana University, School of Medicine.


More About Meneiere’s Disease According To Traditional Medicine


The root causes to be addressed

In order to bring about a cure to Ménière’s disease, it is necessary to address the root cause of the inner ear axis tilt. Causes include:

  • When the inner ear is exposed to powerful energy fields similar to those in the vicinity of high tension electric cables. Such a strong energy field results in the inner ear axis being tilted towards it.
  • As the body ages.
  • When the upper half of the body or head carries a much larger electric charge than the lower part of the body.
  • Following an accident or injury to the nervous system. (This can take a number of years to materialise in Meneiere’s Disease)
  • When an injury (including inner ear infections) or electrical shock happens, and goes untreated for years. This creates an imbalance, which over a period of time causes the whole energy field around the inner ear to become unbalanced.
  • When extreme body shock is undergone, typically in a near death or “out of body” experience. It can cause the inner ear axis to be unable to re-orientate itself.
  • Undergoing major surgery can result in the axis tilting in a shock reaction.

If you are suffering from Meniere’s Disease and feel that you have exhausted all your options you need to use the form on the right of the page to contact me today – I can help you the way I have helped many other sufferers who believed that there was no cure.